Money Is The Root of All Problems

A friend of mine showed me this equation.This must be created by a man!!

via Money Is The Root of All Problems.


“the paint”

the paint

“”In the world of my life is like ,

a piece of drawing paper…,

all I need when drawing be careful and color carefully …

Some times every..

time I draw something ..

I want there are only birds crows are coming slowly..

and harass me..

Until I was forced to temporarily delay the self..

To find something that may prevent them from disturbing me again. ,

after I do this way..


From disturbing me..,

in fly away..the “crows” anf then…

I. Was to continue drawing again,

but there just is disturbing me…

All of a sudden heary rain..

and I could not avoid the rain…

Whe I wat to take the painting to go to places that can shelter ..,

But thE painting was already..


So bad …


not what I draw…