like silence in dew night

season of love..                                                                                                                             Same thing as day and night..                                                                                                      

come and go naturally…                                                                                                                 Love also has given me

At the end of a quiet day,

only met with “my lover” in a dream …

I lost him with far away …

with dew in the wind…

i dont have the ability to take..

only able to make memories

that I made ​​him my healers miss ...

I like hope to something that is missing of mind..

In this pain like silence in dew night ..

In the heartbreak myself and my co

alonely crying in pain ..

if …

he will be the continuous ..?

when a raindrop ,

followedby the silent tears .. 

Like the love of the sun during the day..
  like the stars at night,
  and likewise may be lost ..when it is his time ..

without you …

i so lonely…


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