like silence in dew night

season of love..                                                                                                                             Same thing as day and night..                                                                                                      

come and go naturally…                                                                                                                 Love also has given me

At the end of a quiet day,

only met with “my lover” in a dream …

I lost him with far away …

with dew in the wind…

i dont have the ability to take..

only able to make memories

that I made ​​him my healers miss ...

I like hope to something that is missing of mind..

In this pain like silence in dew night ..

In the heartbreak myself and my co

alonely crying in pain ..

if …

he will be the continuous ..?

when a raindrop ,

followedby the silent tears .. 

Like the love of the sun during the day..
  like the stars at night,
  and likewise may be lost ..when it is his time ..

without you …

i so lonely…


reminisce soul …


in the time of wonderful creation from god…

Blue sea…
reminisce to soul…

At dusk today…
Every time the sun was replaced months…

All that   words unspoken of beautiful world….

When wind waves whisper to say something to reminisce soul …

These are the verses …this time in kota kinabalu, sabah, malaysia. Hehehe … I had time to go on the waterfront (not to far) to the airport AIR ASIA … but .. I already checked in at the airport,

If not check in. .. I was afraid to go anywhere .. because I have no time 1:25 hours before moving back Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Yes!!! 🙂 I just like village (who cares!?) * Haha *
The Reason … my first time …
ever geeee almost missed my airplane …

So i do not Want Happening the second time again!

😉 🙂



see  my fiancee … Hld  shrimp! My fav! Hehe ..this Time was I in a nearby shop kota kinabalu sea…wahhhhh so yummy!!!


“the search”

I walk in shadows searching for one destination,
Cold and be alone..,no comfort in sight,
Hoping and praying for some one to care,
Always moving and going some where..,

Neiter I nor you..,
When the leavel hand trembling,
The wing passing through,
Touches. Our life..,

I’m searhing through.. Idont succesed..,
I’m running going somewhere..,
I’m lost !! There’s no places for a beginning..,
But some , and talk to me..,
Along …the way…,

If you think, you’ll lost, you’re lost..,
Far..out in the world we find success..,
Begin,,,with a fellow’s will ..,
Its all in the state of mind…,

Before the trees..bow down their heads..,
The wind is passing by..,
So I know..I’m going to find a way..,
I’m sure, I’ll follow the way..,

Nothing is going to stop me now..,
Althounght I’ll follow thw way.. Yet so dark…,
I’ll find.. The road.. Some how..,
I’ll hope and pray… I”ll find the destination of mine…

“the paint”

the paint

“”In the world of my life is like ,

a piece of drawing paper…,

all I need when drawing be careful and color carefully …

Some times every..

time I draw something ..

I want there are only birds crows are coming slowly..

and harass me..

Until I was forced to temporarily delay the self..

To find something that may prevent them from disturbing me again. ,

after I do this way..


From disturbing me..,

in fly away..the “crows” anf then…

I. Was to continue drawing again,

but there just is disturbing me…

All of a sudden heary rain..

and I could not avoid the rain…

Whe I wat to take the painting to go to places that can shelter ..,

But thE painting was already..


So bad …


not what I draw…