The Interior of Alaskan Life 3: 40 degrees below zero

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Did this photo make you spit out your coffee?   Well it’s that time of year again in Fairbanks, Alaska where we carefully consider each chore we need to to do by car (or bike!) and whether we really need to leave the house.  We frantically chop wood, complain, and rationalize eating anything we want.

40 below

I need to point out that -40 degrees is universal.  When I travel abroad and talk temperature there is often confusion for anyone in the rest of the world due to our antiquated use of Fahrenheit.  Well, worry not those of you who dwell in the modern world of Celsius; Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same at 40 below.  Yes, 40 below is the temperature that binds us all. With that cleared up, I’ll move on.

A friend from Portugal laughed when I posted yesterday’s local temperature to his Facebook page.

“How do you…

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